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 A week in Yambol Hospital

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PostSubject: A week in Yambol Hospital   Tue Apr 13, 2010 9:51 am

I would like to share my experience of the Bulgarian Health system and in particular Yambol Hospital.
What started off as a fantastic week ended up with myself becoming poorly with what I thought was just a virus of some description, it all started on 28th of March the day of my 50th Birthday when after a great party the night before and a village get together on the 28th I felt cold and shivery and had bit of a fuzzy head to which I had blamed the drink the night before. But this was no ordinary hangover !!!
I took my my bed and done the usual keep warm and drink plenty fluids but the Tuesday night I collapsed on the floor whilst trying to get to the toilet. I eventually with the help of my son and hubby got back into bed and then by the Thursday I had had enough of the room spinning the high temperatures and the feeling yuk so I managed to get into Dr Samra in Yambol. After examination he prescribed an injection to try and stop the dizziness and some tablets.
The Friday was no better as was the weekend my neighbour gave me the delights of a Rakia rub down of which i was delighted at NOT !!! brings pillow biting to a whole new level lol.

Sunday seen her phoning Dr Samra again still I was no better and Monday was even worse apparently I was becoming more and more unwell. Ivanka took no prisoners she phoned Dr Samra again and was told to take me straight away to Elhovo Hospital which they did.
I was asked why I had left it so long to be seen, apparently the first sign of a sniffle and the Bulgarians are at the doctors.

The doctor at Elhovo was excellent sent me for xray and quickly diagnosed pneumonia, And was very annoyed I hadn't went to the hospital earlier. However I was then sent to Yambol Hospital where i was seen in the ED dept for the usual heart trace and obs.
Next I was found a bed in the Lung diseases ward, I was put in a ward with 4 beds and to be honest it was like a hell hole.
The ward was run down, peeling paint, windows that didn't shut properly and you just wondered how they get away with it as it certainly wouldn't be acceptable any where else.
The bed although the sheets were grey instead crisp white like we are used to in UK hospitals
was a disgrace it was falling to bits and had no mattress cover or anything like that, the pillows were disgusting but i was at the point of not caring and I got my own ones from home.

I was in a ward with 3 other Pneumonia patients at different stages of recovery and which were all Bulgarians, Being the only English person there wasn't really a problem they did look after me tryng to persuade me to eat and drink and telling on me if I didn't.

Day one was hard I didn't know what was happening I couldn't understand what I was getting asked or told but again my fellow roomates helped me through. it turns out my treatment times where 6am and 6pm which i was treated to the delights of three injections each time one in a canular and 2 in nether regions, I quickly became a pin cushion.

Day2 was awoken with a start at 5.45 am with the door getting swung open the lights switched on and a command for my bits to be jabbed again.breakfast was 4 biscuits and cup of Bulgarian tea to which i'm amazed to say I actually drank and enjoyed.

Later in that day I was met by my consultant who I am so glad to say spoke excellent English and was able to explain my treatment in great detail, turns put she had spent 19 yrs in USA and was now back in BG as her son was at University in Sofia.
Day 3 to 7 was very much same routine except you are encouraged to get up and get outside for fresh air and get the lungs moving again.
Day 7 and I was getting discharged but before I could do that I had to have another chest xray which i'm glad to say I passed
The food was diabolical and certainly not to be recommended to be eaten, I wouldn't even feed it to my dogs so I am at a lose as to why Bulgarians accept this standard of care.

Although the hospital itself was in very poor condition and the meals even worse the actual healthcare I received was excellent. the nurses knew what they were doing and carried it out with professionalism and care.
Surely if BG wants to be part of the Eu then they must improve the facilities in these places. There is work being carried out in areas of the hospital but again Yambol has no money.We can only hope that they get money very soon and bring this place up to a decent standard.
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A week in Yambol Hospital

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