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PostSubject: HOW MUCH DID THINGS COST ? (1941)   Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:53 pm

Just looking back over life ion general and one of the things that I'm sure most of a certain age often think about is how things have changed and with that thought in mind 'How the cost of living has changed' I looked around and found some of the costs from the old days and added them here and just thought that some of you of a certain age :Very funny 2:might be able to add to it and perhaps give your thoughts on the old prices and the present along with what you actually got for your money and what you get now both in terms of quality and value.

Below are listed some of the items that people might buy showing the average cost of each item (prices may vary depending on where they were bought)

Average cost for a family of 4 for coal for one week 4/- (20p)

Average cost for a family of 4 for Gas and Electricity for one week 2/- (10p)

Average cost for food for a family of 4 for one week £1.4.0 (£1.20)

A 1940 Ford Anglia E04A de-lux would cost you £140 although the same car in 1945 cost a staggering £293.

Petrol would cost on average 1/6 a gallon (7.5p) (coupons were also needed to buy petrol)

A loaf of bread would cost about 4d a loaf (2p) although most people made their own bread, especially those on a low income with children.

A pint of milk cost 2d a pint (1p)

A 1lb Jar of Strawberry Jam cost 11d (4.5p)

Tin of Beans would cost 7d (3p)
Dozen large eggs 1/6 (7.5p)

1lb Pork Sausages 1/3 (6p)

Rowntrees cocoa 5d (2p) per 1/4lb and 91/2d (3.5p) per 1/2lb

Packet of Scott's porage oats 1lb pack 4 1/2d (2.5p) 2lb pack 9p (4p)

Small box of washing powder cost 6d (2.5p)

A Mars Bar would cost you sixpence (2.5p)

A Kit Kat cost 2d (1p)

Fry's Chocolate cream bar 1 1/2d (1p)

Cadbury's Ration Chocolate sold at 21/2d (1p) per bar, the supply was very limited - and the weight of the bar was not mentioned.

A small tube of toothpaste cost 6d (2.5p)

Tooth brush 1/3 (6p)

Bar of soap cost on average of 4d (2p)

Toilet rolls 2/3 (11p)

Vim 6d (2.5p) per canister

Yardley perfume from 2/6 to 42/- (12.5p - £2.10)

Yardley Talcum powder 1/2 (6p)

Lipstick 6/6 (32.5p)

Satin-serge dress 36/11 (£1.84.5p)

Mans suit from 55/- (£2.75)

Mans pullover 8/9 (44p)

Mans Shirt 8/9 (44p)

Men's shoes 17/9 (89p)

Boys short trousers flannel suit 24/6 (£1.22.5)

Daily News Paper 1d (2d on a Sunday)
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PostSubject: Re: HOW MUCH DID THINGS COST ? (1941)   Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:29 pm

Before my time but I'm sure there maybe 1 or 2 on here that can remember those days and costs. s
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PostSubject: Re: HOW MUCH DID THINGS COST ? (1941)   Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:17 am

What I can remember of toilet rolls was they were Izal packs and not rolls, of course they were only any good for polishing not wiping!!

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PostSubject: Re: HOW MUCH DID THINGS COST ? (1941)   

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