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 enjoyed my visit

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PostSubject: enjoyed my visit   Wed May 21, 2014 8:29 am

just got back from Bulagria,
got into Sofia on Sat, straight for hire car and on the road in true tradition got upto Vt and carried on up towards Popovo and missed the turning so took an extra 1 1/2 hrs to get up to house lovely countryside so it did not matter.
Sunday, Mayor rang the Lawyer for me and got an appointent on the Monday.
Monday, paperwork in order, then went to Ruse for the rest of the day.
Tuesday, went to visit Oddball, got as far as Razgrad, and went into a shop bought some items,and then big mistake ask for directions, to oddballs, and was told to go through Ruse, hey what do i know so off i went, and it took the rest of the afternoon to get up to Sillestra? had a wonderful talk in pidgeon english about my speeding and how to pay for my ticket, had visit to the station needs upgrading and may be thats why they need the ticket money, so remember, the speedlimit is the welcome board to the very very very long villagers, and end of speedlimit is the board with the redline though it handy to know but to late for me 50kph in the board areas and as expected i missed oddbal, so drove back great wildlife.
Wednesday, another attempt but this time finger in mouth then pointed in the air and said this way, not only did i get their quicker but i even found the house not bad without a map, well one i could read, they are very popular in the area and well worth the visit, and by the way anybody reading this PLEASE Support there efforts they are doing a great job, and need all of our support, so oddball if your reading this sort an account out so people can donate into it.
Thursday, stayed in the village, and watched the thunder and lighting highly recommended do not see it this good in the UK, after it had pasted went back down to Popovo for lunch then back to village.
Friday into lawyers office and signed paperwork, now have a house, with everything in order, thats less than a week from start to finish, went to lunch and then back to house, said our goodbyes and headed back to Sofia,got into Sofia for 7pm but took till 12.30am to find my way around as kept getting into oneway systems, i will learn got a hotel for the night then back with my hire car that had 3000 extra kms, then back to London, home here Monday, cant wait to get back really great place but we should not be going there just because its cheap, if we are going en mass them we should help each of the villages, we are living in and help the community as a whole and don't forget to support Oddball.
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PostSubject: Re: enjoyed my visit   Wed May 21, 2014 12:37 pm

Hiya Paddy

Good to hear from you and glad you got home safely. Have posted the photo on here viewtopic.php?f=46&

Glad the paperwork is all in order now you can start making plans for your viist in Aug or Sept again. So relax now for a while, but the way Peter s a really lovely young lad a pleasure to meet him and a credit to you.

When you left we could not find Nipper - he dissapeared for 4 day assumptions are that the gypsies that came around earlier in the day took him, he was tied up somewhere but he managed to get free and come home. He does not seem to go too far away from the villa since his return. See photos here viewtopic.php?f=46&

:Thank you:for your comments re supporting us but it is not money we need it is firms to come forward to donated materials ie builing items Really diffiuclt here in BG to get help, but hey i can't have everything eh!! I will keep going, God is good.

Berni & Dougie [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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enjoyed my visit

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